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The Christmas Rock.

"This is the same Christmas rock I had when I was a kid; it's an heirloom that's been in our family for generations."
Manny to Peaches[src]

The Christmas Rock was a large chunk of granite that was used to celebrate Christmas.


The Christmas Rock is a huge red boulder that was used as a tradition for mammoths around Christmas: the rock was set out in plain sight on Christmas Eve so that Santa Claus might see it and bring the mammoths that had set it out presents. Manny gave his old Christmas rock to Peaches. When Sid was showing Manny how he'd decorate a tree, he put the star on, but it fell off the top which sent the star flying and it then hits the rock, which causes it to shatter into pieces, angering Manny. Sid was put on the Naughty List for that.