Carlos Saldanha
Physical Attributes
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Birth Januray 24, 1965
Occupation director/directed Ice Age (Co-directed)
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age: Continental Drift (executive producer)
Ice Age: Collision Course (executive producer)
Family Isabella Saldanha (wife)
Sofia Saldanha (daughter)
Rafael Saldanha(child)
Manoela Saldabha (child)
Julia Saldanha (daughter)

Carlos Saldanha (born January 24, 1965 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is the director of Ice Age: The Meltdown and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and the co-director of Ice Age and Robots. He works at Blue Sky Studios, the company that makes the movies he has directed. He received an MFA in computer art from the School of Visual Arts in 1993.


Ice Age movies

Other movies

  • Robots (2005) - co-director
  • Rio (2011) - director
  • Rio 2 (2014) - director
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