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Physical Attributes
Species Weasel
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color Reddish-Brown
Personality Eccentric, intimidating, caring, crazy, insane, nice, sweet, friendly, optimistic, intelligent, resourceful, insightful, loyal, heroic, protective, good-natured, very funny, patient, fearless, fun-loving, mysterious, kind-hearted, selfless, wild, smart, slick, swashbuckling, protective, adventurous
Likes Fun, adventures, dinosaurs, science, exploring, flying, dancing, his "wife" and "daughter", fighting Rudy
Dislikes Being alone, the loss of his right eye, Crash and Eddie's stupidity, being separated from Rudy, broccoli
Biological Information
Alias Buck (nickname)
Super Weasel (by Crash)
Ultra Weasel (by Eddie)
Diesel Weasel (by Diego)
Weasel (by Gavin)
Coconut, Deranged Hermit (by Manny)
Half a snack (by Shira)
Sweet Eye Patch (by Julian)
Dr. Buck
Bucky, Buckmeinster (by Orson)
Status Alive
Residence(s) Snow Valley (formerly)
Dino World
Herd Valley (temporarily)
Family Pineapple ("wife")
Bronwyn ("adopted daughter")


Friends Crash (best friend)
Eddie (best friend)
Diego (close friend)
Manny (close friend)
Ellie (close friend)
Sid (close friend)
Neil deBuck Weasel (imaginary friend)
Pythagoras Buck (imaginary friend)
Robo Buck (imaginary friend)
Mother Triceratops
Baby Triceratops
Shangri Llama
Roger (Pteranodon)
Enemies Rudy
Gavin (formerly)
Gertie (formerly)
Roger (formerly)
Films Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Ice Age: Continental Drift (cameo)
Ice Age: Collision Course
Ice Age: Adventures of Buck Wild
Shorts Scrat's Continental Crack-up (cameo)
Video Games Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Voiced by Simon Pegg
James Patrick Stuart (from Dawn of the Dinosaurs game)

"The name's Buck. Short for Buckminster. Long for Buh."
―Buck introducing himself to the herd.[src]

Buckminster, known more colloquially as Buck, and also known as Buck Wild, is an English weasel who recently lived in the underground Lost World after falling into it in his younger days. He soon left the underground world to assist The Herd in stopping the mother asteroid from destroying the planet.


A slightly unhinged weasel, Buck had fallen into the world of dinosaurs at a young age and made the most of his time there, staking out a life for himself. Constantly seeking adventure in all its forms, most notably by constantly engaging in battles with the immense albino Baryonyx known as Rudy, one of which had cost Buck his right eye.

Early Life

"Never had I felt so alive than when I was so close to death."
―Buck recalling his first encounter with Rudy.[src]

As a youth, Buck had fallen into an underground realm of dinosaurs and ran into trouble quickly, as a giant albino Baryonyx named Rudy attacked the weasel, costing him his eye. To bandage the wound, Buck tied a leaf around his head and attempted to escape Rudy by taking to the treetops, where he was confronted by the dinosaur, who emerged from the clouds and swallowed Buck whole.

Buck, however, would not go down without a fight: before he fell down Rudy's throat into his stomach, Buck seized Rudy's uvula and hung onto it tightly, swinging forward and back until he let go, launching himself through Rudy's closed jaws, where Buck rammed through the dinosaur's teeth, knocking one out in which Rudy was in pain afterwards. Buck then fashioned Rudy's Tooth into a weapon for himself and went on to survive in the dinosaur world.

Settling In

During his time in the dinosaur world, Buck started to build up a life for himself. Besides staking out a home, Buck went on to become acquainted with many of the creatures of the dinosaur world, from a caterpillar that would someday become a giant moth to a number of dinosaurs. With this, Buck learned the law of the land, understanding how the dinosaurs and other creatures lived and the various locations within the underground world. During his time in the dinosaur world, Buck took a pineapple as a wife, which he loved despite its being "ugly".

Meeting the Herd

Buck appears

Introduction Of Buck

One morning, Buck was watching as a massive Tyrannosaurus mother took her three children and a ground sloth that he described as a "floppy green thing" towards the Lava Falls, where she would care for her young.

Shortly after, a group of animals had made their way into the dinosaur world and were ambushed by a number of dinosaurs. The group was surrounded until Buck came to their rescue, sounding a trumpet-like call on a conch shell before swinging towards the animals on a vine, which at first broke, sending the weasel hurling into the trees. Buck then swung from a vine and created a distraction by launching a number of berries that released a blinding powder at the dinosaurs; blinding them long enough for Buck and the animals to flee.

After a few Triceratops had passed in their camouflaging area, Buck had introduced himself explaining that his name is Buck, short for "Buckminster", and long for "Buh", while observing the herd. He asks what they are doing in the world of dinosaurs and one of the animals, named Ellie tells him that their friend, Sid was taken by a dinosaur. Buck explains that he's probably dead, says, "Welcome to my world", and then prefers that the herd should go back home. Just when Manny, the leader of the herd, was easily going to give in towards Buck's suggestion, Diego, the herd's resident tracker, had found tracks of the dinosaur's foot prints. Before the herd was getting ready to follow the tracks, Buck had observed the foot print by licking and spitting it out stating that there was a Tyrannosaurus mother with her three children and a ground sloth that he described as a "floppy green thing". When Diego was shown to be amazed and questions that if it was true he received all of that information from the soil, Buck tells him that he had seen them pass by earlier, and the dinosaur is taking her young to the Lava Falls, where she would care for her young.

In order for the herd to get to there, they would have to go through the Jungle of Misery, across the Chasm of Death, and finally through the Plates of Woe. As Manny is ready to go, Buck stops him and explains that it wasn't going to be easy to defend themselves as there was a beast that lurked around the world of dinosaurs called Rudy. The herd's smallest members, Crash and Eddie are in shock and ask that there is a dinosaur that is bigger than the Tyrannosaurus that had taken their friend. Buck tells them that there is and the beast had gave him what was under his eye patch. But the two possum brothers mistakenly thought that the beast had given him the eye patch and think that they will get eye patches too, while chanting. Manny tells Buck, "Welcome to my world" and the herd finally journeys off, with Buck exclaiming one last safety warning.

Attack of the Carnivorous Plant

When the herd had traveled through the Jungle of Misery, Manny decided to get some fruit for Ellie as she had stated that she had a weird feeling (because of live plants that had watched them). Diego had walked beside Manny warning him that he shouldn't pick the fruit. Ignoring him, Manny picks the fruit right away, only for he and Diego to be caught by and trapped in a Carnivorous Plant. After a failed attempt by Crash and Eddie to stop the plant, Ellie tries to go ahead and tear the plant from the roots, only to be stopped by Buck, who explains that it would not help and instead will shut it forever. Inside the plant, Manny and Diego had felt tingling and realized that the plant was secreting it's digestive juices, while yelling for help.

Buck swiftly dodges the plant's swarming vines, catching a hold on one of them and is then launched up into the air, spinning into it's open mouth, only to be caught stuck fitting through. Buck then slides and swims down to the bottom of the plant, cutting open a round lump. Inside, he had found two capillary stems, one red and one blue. Buck, after a brief decision, cuts the red capillary. Unfortunately, the plant contracted slightly before bursting more digestive liquid. This had caused Buck to lose grip of his knife. The plant had continued to produce more, which made it harder for Buck to get a hold on his knife. He eventually retrieves it and after a long struggle, severs the blue capillary, causing the plant to expand and explode.

The digestive juices splashed all over Crash and Eddie, while Manny had fell down from the impact, alongside with Diego landing on top of him, and Buck gently falling down by hanging on a large leaf with style. As Buck walked away, Ellie encouraged Manny to say something, resulting with him saying thanks for rescuing them.

Ellie then asked Buck if he could help them find Sid, much to Manny's displeasure. Buck agrees to help, but explains that he has rules, stating, "Rule #1: Always listen to Buck. Rule #2: Stay in the middle of the trail. Rule #3:..." Before he states rule #3, he takes a pause, keeping the herd in suspense for a moment, until stating, "...he who has gas, travels at the back of the pack." Hearing this, caused Eddie to head to the back. The herd begins to leave, and Manny states in sarcasm that they should have their heads examined, leading to Buck telling him that's rule #4.

On their way through the Jungle

During their journey, Crash and Eddie ask Buck if Rudy would ever find Sid, or most importantly themselves, only to receive a haunting response from Buck with him explaining that Rudy is relentless, knowing all, seeing all, and eating all. Crash and Eddie, alongside of the rest of the herd are speechless when they see a giant dinosaur face right behind Buck, only for him to yell at the face to get off his lawn. The dinosaur face turned out to be the wings of a Giant Butterfly, for which Buck had stated he knew the insect when it was a caterpillar.

Diego asks Buck if he was just living in the world of dinosaurs by his wits and had no responsibilities. Buck answers saying that it's incredible not to have any dependence or any limits and that it's the greatest life a single guy could have. Convinced enough, Diego tells Manny that world of dinosaurs is a world he would want to live in. Buck then is found talking on a rock formed like a cell phone.

Carnivorous Plant

In the Chasm of Death

The herd had soon arrived at the Chasm of Death. In order to get to the other side, Buck knocked down a rib cage of a deceased dinosaur. He first let Ellie to get on, much to Manny's displeasure again. Buck told Ellie to keep her eyes forward, her back straight, and not breathe in the toxic fumes that the chasm was filled with, which could kill her. Suddenly, Buck sliced at one of the vines that carried the rib cage, and he and Ellie went off to the other side. Shown that they were safely on the other side of chasm, Buck pulled some vines to get the rib cage to the opposite side where the rest of the mammals were, exclaiming that it should be easy to get over there. But it wasn't. A few moments later, Manny, Diego, Crash, and Eddie were stuck in the middle of the chasm because there combined weight was too heavy for him to pull. To reassure the guys, Buck told them to continue to hold their breaths.

Unfortunately, Eddie was the first one to give in on holding his breath. Shocked, Crash had spoken towards his brother's action, only to realize that he was also breathing the toxic fumes. The two possum brother's voices became higher as they had laughed at each other continuously. Then, Diego breathed in the fumes, resulting with him to have a higher voice and to laugh alongside with the possums. Buck told the mammal to stop laughing, but a high pitched Manny mocked his order, laughing with his pals. Ellie tells Buck that they're just laughing, but he points down to deceased dinosaurs saying that they had died from laughing too much. As the mammals were still laughing, Buck had crawled on top to try get the rib cage to budge while pulling a vine. Manny had then started to tickle Buck's belly from under causing him to speak and tell him to stop it. Buck realizing that he had also breathed in the toxic fumes, he tells the herd that they're all going to die now, finishing his sentence in a high pitched voice. This made all of the males laugh.

Luckily, Ellie was strong enough to pull the rib cage to the other side. Therefore, the rest of the herd was finally able to get on the other side. Just before Manny was getting ready to leave, Diego had stopped him telling him that they had forgotten about something, referring to Buck, as Buck was sliding to the other side where the herd was at, still with his high pitched voice.

Buck's Backstory

As the day was starting to fade away, Buck decided that the herd should camp for the night, while playing and voicing dinosaur skeletons. Later on, when it was night time, the herd was together, while listening to Buck's story off his first encounter with Rudy. Buck started off with his story where he was deep in the jungle on a stormy night. But then he was face to face with a giant red eyeball of a massive dinosaur. As Buck gasped, he was greeted with the claws of the dinosaur when it had clawed him in the face, launching him across the jungle. Buck attempted to escape Rudy by climbing a large tree to the treetop. When he arrived to the top, Rudy knocked down the other trees surrounding. In order to bandage the wound he received, Buck grabbed a hold of a leaf and tied it around his head. To protect himself, Buck broke off a tree branch. Buck looked around for the dinosaur, only to find out he was right behind him who emerged from the clouds and swallowed Buck whole.

In suspense, Eddie asked if Buck was killed. Buck said yes, but he lived too. Going back to his story, Buck was close to be swallowed by Rudy, but was able to grab a hold of his uvula. He then went back, forth, back, forth, over and over again, until he was able to let go and aim right out of the dinosaur's mouth. Ending his story, Buck stated that he may have lost an eye that day, but he got Rudy's tooth in exchange. Fascinated, Crash, Eddie, and Diego started to give Buck nicknames for being unpredictably amazing. Buck was preparing to tell the her another story, but Manny suggested that they should get some sleep. Buck agreeing that he'll stay up to keep watch, Crash and Eddie explained to him that they'll be able to help stay up and keep watch with him too.

Later on, they are found sleep, along with the rest of the herd, while Buck stays up, carving a wood figurine of Rudy, only to be disrupted by his roaring across the jungle. Buck says good night to the dinosaur, as he hears him roar even more. Still at night, Manny had awoken from a dream, consisting Ellie to be attacked and eaten by Rudy. Looking up, he had saw that she was okay. Awoken from this, Ellie asked Manny is he was okay and Manny explained that he wanted to make sure that she would be protected from the dangers of the new world they are in. Ellie states that it's not Manny's fault and they still need to find Sid. Manny replies back that if he was a better friend to Sid, they wouldn't be in the world of dinosaurs to look for him. Hearing this, Buck tells Manny that he might not be the best husband or father, but he risked his life, his mate's life, and his baby's life to save Sid, showing him that's a true friend.

Crime Scene Speculation

The next day, the herd continued to journey off on their adventure until Buck told them to stop. He stated that he had smelled something, and found a small clump of hair, explaining that it smelled like a buzzard's butt had fallen off and then got sprayed on by a bunch of skunks. Diego telling him that the clump of fur was Sid's, Buck looked at the area they were in, stating that they had a crime scene consisting a tuft of fur, a half eaten carcass, and a hunk of broccoli, which Buck had despised.

Buck's first theory was: The dinosaur had attacked Sid, Sid had defended himself, hitting the dinosaur with the broccoli, and Sid killing the dinosaur with the broccoli. Diego told Buck that Sid wasn't violent and wasn't coordinated either, with Manny questioning where the rest of the dinosaur was at. Buck came up with another theory: Sid ate some of the broccoli, the dinosaur eats Sid, and then the Dinosaur steps on the broccoli.

Manny asks Buck when he had lost his mind, and Buck tells him about three months ago, revealing that he had once woken up married to an ugly pineapple that he loved. Diego tells Buck that he had missed a clue, as the rest of the herd saw what had happened. Parts of the Plates of Woe were damaged and destroyed. Buck told the herd that Sid may be alive right at the moment, but not for long because Rudy getting closer.

The Plates of Woe

Buck led the herd single file on the Plates of Woe. Ellie seemed to be in slight pain. When asked by Manny if she was okay, the herd was suddenly ambushed by a pack of Guanlong from beneath the plates, only to cause the plates to fall down. Ellie was able to safely jump to a nearby ledge, while the rest of the animals fell down alongside with some of the plates.

When they were at the bottom with the dust settling, the guys were looking and calling out for Ellie. Ellie called out to them saying that she was fine. Manny told her that they were on their way up, as the five mammals climbed up the plates. A few moments later, the group heard a loud roar. Buck looked back and said it was Rudy, much to Crash and Eddie's discomfort. Then, the group heard another sound, this time a loud scream. Buck told the herd that he had never heard that kind of dinosaur before. Manny told him that was Sid's scream. As Buck told them that they had to move fast, they were disrupted by Ellie's yell for pineapples. Unaware of what Ellie was talking about, Manny told Buck that she sometimes get cravings. But Ellie started to call out more fruits including pomegranates, grapefruits, and nectarines, much to Manny's surprise. As the males were still unaware of what she was talking about, Ellie realized that the real fruit that she needed to scream out was "peaches", because that was the code name to hint out that Ellie was going to have her and Manny's child at the moment, thus screaming the code name as loud as she can. Hearing and realizing this, Manny started to freak out and lose control worrying that the baby was going to be delivered at the crisis that the herd was in.

Everyone starts panicking but in a fast matter of time, Buck quickly got everyone to calm down and told the four guys that Crash, and Eddie will go with him and rescue Sid, while Manny goes to defend Ellie from the dinosaurs. Manny told Buck that Ellie was off the trial and reminded him about Rule #2, leading Buck to tell Manny that Rule #5 was to ignore Rule #2, but stating that he just makes up his rules as he goes along. Before Manny could argue more, Diego told Manny that he had his back. With everything settled thoroughly, the mammals had split up and went to go do their tasks, with Manny and Diego aware that there were still guanlongs to fight.

Pteranodon Sky Chase

Buck and the two possums hurry to save Sid through the jungle, stopping at a cliff with Lava Falls straight ahead in the distance. Buck asked the possum brothers if they were ready for adventure, for danger, and death. Before they could answer the last question, Buck grabbed both of their paws and they all leapt off the cliff. Fortunately, they landed on and were saved by a Harpactognathus, which Buck was able to control using a vine for reins and use the pterosaur to assist them on their ride to save Sid.

While they got closer to the falls using their ride, the mammals had spotted Sid jumping from rock to rock on Lava Falls and went straight for him. Unfortunately, after Buck steered their Pteranodon lower, the trio had entered the view of other flying lizards, a group of Quetzalcoatlus which were hungry. When the flock watched them pass by, they quickly preyed on the two small possums with Buck and followed quietly behind. When the group of Quetzalcoatlus flew in, lunging and attacking at the possums, Buck had no choice but to swerve around Lava Falls, to fly all the way around in order to lose their attackers.

As they were still flying around a canyon, the mammals had reached a Brachiosaurus feeding spot with the same berries that were used to rescue the herd earlier in the film. Buck saw the berries, telling the opossums to grab them to use them as weapons. As Buck was flying themselves along, the possums manage to knock down half of the flock and were having a great time enjoying it. On their final berry, they pump up its explosive power to the max and absolutely NUKE one more Quetzalcoatlus that was too hungry to stay back, having the nuke-berry easily fired down his throat. Watching the Quetzalcoatlus become completely paralyzed by the result, Eddie gives a mocking farewell by saying "Hasta La Vista, Birdie!" as they flew away.

After exiting the canyon, only four Quetzalcoatlus remain chasing Buck, Crash and Eddie. When reaching Lava Falls once again, Buck thought they were safe... but the mammals were suddenly knocked out of the air by another Quetzalcoatlus that was passing by and caused their pterosaur to be unconscious. Having thmeselves falling down towards the rock-hard ground it seemed like there wasn't much they could do until Buck gave the vines controlling their pteranodon over to the possums and climbs down the beak where he gives the reptile mouth-to-mouth, stating that it's breath "tastes like fish". When that doesn't work, Buck finally slaps the pterosaur out of his unconsciousness, allowing them all to levitate him and have him sharply pull up in front of the lava waterfall, while the last of the chasing Quetzalcoatlus crash into the lava.

Just as Sid was falling, he was caught by the pterosaur and Sid looked at him and screamed, but was then greeted by Crash, Eddie, and Buck. But they soon accidentally flew into the ice ceiling above and after, flying to the Plates of Woe, Sid had noticed that they were passing the mother Dino and the Baby Dinos, and that he didn't have the chance to say goodbye.

The Herd Back Together

Peaches with Longer tusks

As Buck, Crash, Eddie, Sid, and Roger flew back to the Plates of Woe, they were able to see the birth arrival of Peaches. Manny, Diego, and Ellie were happy to see Sid again. As with Buck watching them, he realized that he had forgotten what family was like, then asking Roger if he had ever thought of settling down and starting a family. The pterosaur gave him a weird look, and then flew away. Now with the herd all together, Buck announced it's time to get them home.

Rudy's Attack

"Looking for something? Why don't ya come and get it?"
―Buck taunting Rudy[src]

A few days later traveling toward home, the herd had finally got back to the cave where they had first seen the world of dinosaurs. Buck stated that their adventure was fun and that they should make it apart of their regular schedules. Ellie states that she's doesn't think that's the best idea as Buck agrees with her because of the peril the dinosaurs serve. Just as they were going to say goodbye to each other, they all hear and feel loud breathing from inside the cave. The herd looks to the cave and as Buck turns around knowing who's there and says hello to Rudy. Rudy emerges from the cave, destroying most of it, and then gives a terrifying roar. The herd then runs, as Rudy goes ahead to try to eat them. When Rudy is about the eat the herd, Buck calls out from the other side from behind and asks him if he was looking for something, gesturing to his old tooth. Rudy licks his missing spot of where his tooth once belonged and goes after Buck instead. Buck tells the herd to head to the cave as Rudy chases him.

Manny tells Ellie to stay with Peaches, as he, Diego, and Sid run after Rudy to help Buck. Rudy had managed to pin down Buck with his giant hand, believing that he had crushed the weasel to death. Fortunately, Buck came from under his hand, without being injured at all saying, "Pop goes the weasel" and then running off. Rudy then slams his tail on the ground launching Buck into the air as Rudy was preparing to eat the weasel. Luckily, Diego caught Buck leaping over Rudy's mouth before the large dinosaur could snap his jaws shut. On the ground, Buck noticed some giant butterflies and shooed at them to distract and swarm Rudy. Manny threw Diego a vine to wrap around Rudy's legs. After the butterflies had left, Buck was able to clamp Rudy's mouth shut and spin around to tie the dinosaur, while Sid delicately tied a vine to a large tree. With Rudy all tied up, Buck told everyone to pull, causing Rudy to fall down in defeat and become unconscious.

Buck came up to Rudy with a kind remark about his loss in the battle calling him "snowflake", then the weasel told the herd to hurry and leave as the vines wouldn't hold Rudy for much longer. Sid falling behind, accidentally trips over and tears on of the vines that held Rudy. Rudy wakes up and gets back up breaking all of the tied vines. Buck, Manny, and Diego look back to see that the giant dinosaur was back on his feet. Sid screams in terror as Rudy roars at him and prepares to eat him. Suddenly, the mother rex comes to the rescue by ramming into Rudy, pushing him all the way to the edge of a cliff, until she knocks him over the edge and where he falls to his apparent death, much to Buck’s shock. Momma then roars in triumph along with the Baby Dinos and Sid.

Leaving with the Herd

Buck Skeleton Bridge

Sid tells the Baby Dinos that they belong with their mother, and they're going to do just fine. He then bids farewell to the young dinos and Momma as they leave together. Meanwhile, Buck looks down where Rudy had fell, and wonders what he's going to do now, since hunting Rudy was part of Buck's life. Ellie suggests to him that he should come with the herd as a new member. Buck worries that he probably won't fit living on the ice above, because he had lived underground for so long, but is then told and shown by Diego that their herd isn't normal at all, therefore, causing Buck to accept and live with the herd.


As the herd leaves the dinosaur world and head back to their home, Buck jams his knife into the ground for remembrance of Rudy. As he starts to walk, the herd hears a loud roar from Rudy, and decides to leave quickly. Amazed that Rudy's still alive, Buck tells Diego he decided to stay back underground, as Diego understands his choice. The two then say goodbye to each other, going separate ways. Buck grabs a hold of his knife once more and starts to swing and cut the vines that held the large deceased dinosaur that the herd had traveled over, causing it to fall down, with Buck swinging to the other side of dinosaurs. The herd is back on the ice and Crash and Eddie asks Diego where Buck had went. Diego tells them that he's where he wants be and reassures them that he'll be okay, as nothing can kill the weasel.


To still consider Buck as apart of their family, the herd had added him, along with the entire herd as apart of Peaches baby hanging ice toys. Underground, Buck is then happily riding a frustrated Rudy as the two journey off into the jungle.

Saving an Egg

"You may be jurassic, but I am fantastic!"
―Buck to dino-birds[src]

Underground, Buck was taking a shower and saw that a family of dino-birds, Gavin, Gertie, and Roger, had taken an egg from a mother triceratops. He saved the egg from the dino-birds while singing a song. He dived down, throwing gases in Gavin and Gertie's faces, and fell on Roger's back. Buck plucked a feather off of Roger's head, and tickled Roger's toes, for him to let go of the egg. He made Roger bite his tail, causing Roger's jaw to open, sending Buck up. He climbed the wall and Gertie, attempting to eat him, ran into the rock wall, making Buck and the egg fall. The egg was quickly grabbed by Gavin, and Buck put a rock in Roger's mouth. Gavin stole the egg but Buck got it out of his mouth, and hid in a tiny cave, with Gavin trying to get in. He slid down the other end of the cave and fell down to the ground. As the dinosaurs still tried to catch the egg, they had Buck surrounded. That was until Buck had finished his song, causing an avalanche of rocks to tumbling down, crushing the Dino birds. Buck ended up returning the egg back to it's mother, a told the mother to get out of the area before the Dino birds came back up from the crash.The Dino birds came back up, and angrily stared at Buck, who ended up being launched away, laughing.

Stone Tablet

As Buck was gliding through the jungle, he saw commotion above where the ice was, as he hit head first into a rock. This caused Buck to fall into a underground tunnel. Buck carefully walked through the tunnel, where he found a stone tablet.


"Oh! Hello mammals!"
―Buck and the herd meet again.[src]

He later met up with the herd again, showing them the tablet, meeting the newer members of the herd, and lead them once again. An asteroid would hit Earth very soon, and Buck had a plan to stop it. When they made their way into a forest, Buck found out that the dino-birds were following them. There was an electrical storm that came upon them, but the herd made it out safely.


"Well, I mean, she has a little jaundice, but I think she'll be okay."
―Buck about his new daughter[src]

Buck heard a baby's crying and quickly dashed into the forest and was shocked out in a log. The

Baby Pumpkin Ice Age 5

baby was a small pumpkin, and the herd thought it was rather strange. He named the pumpkin Bronwyn and adopted her as his own. Along this Buck decided to stop traveling and have the herd rest for the night. Buck sings his daughter a lullaby and falls asleep. In the morning they find that Sid's Granny was gone. Buck, knowing what happened, can't help but hide from the herd that giant dino-birds had been following them.



They later found Granny with a prehistoric rabbit called Teddy. They found that they were in the land Geotopia, and were taken to the leader of Geotopia. It turned out to be a llama called Shangri Llama. Sid broke the Geotopia wall, trying to get a crystal for the love of his life. The Geotopians agreed to give up their crystals to save their lives. The crystals were put in a volcano to pull the asteroid away from Earth. They celebrated their victory and Buck was there for Peaches' wedding.

Personality and Traits

"Buck, when exactly did you lose your mind?
Hmm... Three months ago: I woke up one morning married to a pineapple. (camera zooms up to his face) An
ugly pineapple. (sighs) But I loved her."
Manny and Buck on Buck's sanity.[src]

An adventurous weasel, Buck had lost his way in the Dinosaur World in his youth, resulting in his mind being somewhat addled by the years of isolation. Though adept at surviving and quick on his feet, Buck hadn't met any others in the valley that he could talk to, resulting in his tendencies of speaking to inanimate objects and his lack of social skill. Dauntless, slick, swashbuckling and brave, however, Buck pressed on, surviving in the dinosaur world, coupling his survival skills with knowledge of the land and its creatures. Buck used Rudy's tooth as a blade and machete, and could also make use of other elements, from berries to vines.

Buck was a small furry weasel that had a long body, tail and a set of short limbs. His long body was flexible and versatile enough for any survival situation. Buck once had longer scalp hair, but due to his life being spent in the dinosaur realm, it became shorter. Buck also sported an overbite, his bottom fangs protruding somewhat and he speaks with a slight, wet lisp. Buck's most notable trademark was his eye patch, fashioned from a leaf, which he wore over his eye that had been damaged by Rudy. Prior to losing his eye, Buck's eyes were both a bright blue color.



Buck prevails over rudy

Buck had to run from Rudy on their first encounter, which was a near-death experience. After Rudy swallowed him, and Buck struggled to survive he broke throw his tooth and had a rivalry with the dinosaur from then on. Despite their rivalry, Buck still appreciates Rudy as a worthy opponent.


A new friend of the herd and Diego's wife, a saber-toothed tiger named Shira, came from a Pirate Crew. When they met, Buck offered to let the female saber count his teeth, which she declined disgusted. The herd learns from Buck that the meteor shower from last night was just the beginning and an even bigger asteroid is approaching. Luckily, he tells them that he has a plan to save the planet and asks the herd if they're in. Diego assures Shira that Buck has saved their lives before, but she still doubts if he can do it again. With a bit more convincing from the weasel, the herd decided Buck was their best chance of survival and decided to get moving.


Buck and Bronwyn

Bronwyn is Buck's adoptive daughter. Buck often comforts her and brings her around in a sling after he saves her from the electrical storm. While the herd settles down to rest, Buck sings Bronwyn a lullaby before he falls asleep. Later, while trying convince Gavin to help save the world, Buck mentions how Gavin and him have protect their children.

Crash & Eddie

Buck with Crash and Eddie on spacerock

Crash and Eddie admire Buck a lot. They strive to be like him, even wanting Rudy to give them an eye-patch like Buck's. The brothers love adventures with Buck. Buck even chose Crash and Eddie to go into his mind to help them understand space rocks.

The Dino-Birds

Dino-Birds about to eat Buck

The Dino-Birds at first, didn't like Buck at all because he prevented them from stealing eggs. Gavin and Gertie strongly disliked Buck, but Roger didn't mind him too much. During the film, the Dino-Birds strive to kidnap Buck. Buck constantly fears telling the herd that these dinosaurs were after them. Later, Buck convinces the dino-birds to help them save the world and they oblige. The dinosaurs show up at Peaches' wedding and dance along with Buck.

The Herd

Ice Age Herd with a Plan

Buck found the herd interesting, befriending Diego, and later on even being asked to join. After years, Buck reunites with the herd and greets them all and even taking a liking to Julian and dancing with Shira. He later attends Peaches' wedding.


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Video Games


Behind the Scenes

  • Buck was voiced by actor Simon Pegg in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and by James Patrick Stuart in the video game of the film.
  • For Buck's cameo appearance in Scrat's Continental Crack-up and Ice Age: Continental Drift, Simon Pegg's voice archive was used.
  • Buck made his second major appearance in Ice Age: Collision Course and will have another major appearance as a protagonist in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild.
  • Initially in development, Buck was meant to be Ellie's opossum cousin but due to his unpredictable nature, the production team decided on making him a weasel instead. Buck was also conceived at one point as a badger.
  • Simon Pegg attempted a number of different-sounding voices for Buck, eventually basing his performance off both the film character Crocodile Dundee and Frank Buck, an adventurer and actor in the 30's and 40's.[1]
  • Buck is probably inspired from Captain Jack Sparrow, the main protagonist of the popular Pirates of the Caribbean film series as they are very similar and have even a similar sword's style of fighting.


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