Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Dinosaur
Height around 550 ft
Eye Color Varying
Skin Color Varying
Diet Herbivore

Brachiosaurus was a species of herbivorous dinosaur.


One of the largest species of dinosaur known, Brachiosaurus grazed the tops of trees with the use of its long neck. A docile herbivore, Brachiosaurus was not overtly aggressive and generally stuck to grazing. Walking on four legs, Brachiosaurus balanced itself with a long tail.


Brachiosaurus was among the species of dinosaurs and other creatures that survived the cataclysms that caused the dinosaur extinctions on Earth, taking to a subterranean realm beneath the Earth's surface where other creatures all survived and thrived for millions of years.

One individual in particular was grazing treetops in this world when he came across a herd of mammals, notably a mammoth named Ellie, who used the dinosaur's neck as a slide to get to safety from angry Ankylosaurus.

Many years later, a pair of Brachiosaurus were browsing on leaves and witnessed Gertie, a Dino-Bird, and her family perform a nest raid on a Triceratops. Neither were aware of the oncoming doom from space, an asteroid much bigger than the one that drove 75% of life to extinction, 66 million years ago.


Behind the Scenes

  • Brachiosaurus in the films were depicted as having their nostrils atop their head, and have been shown chewing food sideways like cattle, but scientists currently theorize that they did not chew sideways and had their nostrils at the front of their snouts.
  • In real life, Brachiosaurus were 50 ft high, 85 ft long and weighed up to 40 tonnes. But in the Ice Age 3, their full-size have been sizes up to be over 1000 ft in length. Besides this, the depiction was roughly accurate. They were indeed herbivorous.


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