Insane billy
Physical Attributes
Species Glyptodon
Gender Male
Biological Information
Status Unknown
Residence(s) Campo de Sid (last known)
Friends Ashley
Films Ice Age: The Meltdown
Voiced by Caitlin Rose Anderson

Billy was a young glyptodon.


One of the young animals spending time at Sid's camp, Billy played in the naturally-formed ice playground, swimming in the pools and sliding on the ice slides. Billy had no respect for Sid, the ground sloth camp counsellor and helped James, a rough young aardvark, in picking on the sloth, tying him up in a vine trap, in which they hung Sid upside down as a piñata before burying Sid up to his head in the dirt.

Sid's friends Manny the mammoth and Diego the saber-tooth tiger walked in on the scene and as Sid told his friends that the young animals at the camp were fond of him, he asked Billy if he agreed, to which Billy mocked Sid by warning him not to make him eat the sloth. Soon after, Billy, along with the other young animals, cheered when they decided to play a game of "pin-the-tail-on-the-mammoth" but was calmed down when Manny told them all a story, and cheered with the others at the ending, but criticized the story and its ending. Once a young bird had questioned Manny on its ending, asking where Manny's family was, the subject touched a soft spot for the mammoth and he remained silent when Diego, trying to chase them off, chimed in with a roar, lunging at them, causing all the young animals, including Billy, to run off.

Billy was among those animals to leave the water park once they were informed by a grim vulture that the valley they lived in would flood soon due to the ice surrounding it beginning to melt. Further on, Billy and the other animals panicked once they saw that the dam had burst. Billy, however, along with the other animals, had successfully escaped the flood, setting foot on solid ground once more and marveling at the sight of a roving herd of mammoths, creatures thought extinct by other animals.

Personality and Traits

Billy was a young and playful glyptodon that was not above pranks on others, notably Sid. Billy usually joined in the fun if he saw others attempting a prank, but was easily calmed down with a story, though he might, if he saw fit, criticize it afterward. He also seemed to be smarter than most other glyptodons.

Billy had a green shell with a dark yellow plastron and sported the traits common of glyptodons: four short feet, buckteeth, small ears and a short tail with a club, this club of which was developing its spikes.


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Behind the Scenes

Billy, as a male character, was voiced by Caitlin Rose Anderson, who also voiced Ashley.

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