"Welcome, brother! Behold, Scratlantis!"
―Ariscratle greeting Scrat.[src]
King scratlantis.png
Physical Attributes
Species Saber-tooth squirrel
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Cream pelt
Biological Information
Status Deceased
Residence(s) Scratlantis
Friends Scrat (briefly)
Scratlantis residents
Films Ice Age: Continental Drift
Voiced by Patrick Stewart

Ariscratle was the ruler of the island of Scratlantis.


The ruler of a number of saber-tooth squirrels that resided on Scratlantis, Ariscratle was proud of his home, in which squirrels were surrounded by a constant supply of acorns and had developed advanced intelligence.

One day, Ariscratle found Scrat, a castaway saber-tooth squirrel that had drifted into the island on a small piece of ice. Extending a paw of friendship to help the primitive squirrel to his feet, Ariscratle welcomed him and presented Scratlantis and it's wonders to Scrat. Scrat, however, was more interested in the bounty of acorns that he had come across and began to seize as many of them as he could, finally reaching one giant acorn embedded in the floor.

Ariscratle called out for Scrat to stop before he could pull the acorn out, reminding the squirrel to rise above his animalistic desires and to be more than a mere rodent. Scrat, however, pulled the acorn out anyway, flooding all of Scratlantis and taking all the squirrels, Ariscratle among them, down the plughole.

Personality and Traits

As the benevolent leader of the intelligent saber-tooth squirrels that resided in Scratlantis, Ariscratle was talkative, well-spoken, and knowledgable, being particularly proud of his home island of Scratlantis, which had flourished as an advanced culture, all thanks to the squirrels forsaking their base impulses to hoard acorns. This sapience, however, Ariscratle knew was contingent upon mastering the impulses of animal nature.

As with all saber-tooth squirrels of Scratlantis, Ariscratle stood upright and lacked a tail. He wore a toga, which was white with light blue trim. Ariscratle's traits otherwise were those of any other saber-tooth squirrel: long snout with two sharp fangs, short ears, tufty cheeks, and thin limbs, although his paws had thumbs, as the others on his island had.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Ariscratle was voiced by actor Patrick Stewart.
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