Flightless bird
Physical Attributes
Kingdom Reptilia
Species Dinosaur
Eye Color Varying
Feather Color Varying

Archaeopteryx was a bird-like dinosaur.


Despite having wings and feathers, and being lightweight, the Archaeopteryx was unable to fly. With large eyes and a predominantly bald leathery head, Archaeopteryx searched out meals in trees.


One Archaeopteryx in the Dinosaur World was captured by a Tyrannosaurus named Momma, so as to feed her young. Momma knocked the Archaeopteryx unconscious and returned it to her nest, intending to allow her children to do the rest. A ground sloth named Sid, who shared parenting responsibilities with Momma, pulled the bird away, insisting that his children would not eat anything alive, pulling a small worm off its leg. This woke the Archaeopteryx up and the bird, fearful of being eaten, held tightly to Sid, who attempted to release it into the air and dropped it off a cliff, unaware that the bird could not fly.

With that, a Quetzalcoatlus that was flying by caught the bird as it fell, making it a meal.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Though its film appearance showed otherwise, Archaeopteryx was, in reality, capable of flight. However, Archaeopteryx was a weak flier compared to most living birds.
  • Scientists now think Archaeopteryx's feathers were black.
  • Archaeopteryx was the first known bird.


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