Ethan is peaches love interest and leader of a Heard of female Mammoths.


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Ethan und Peaches

Ethan und Peaches

Ethan is a partially handsome wolly mammoth who for months had been gathering a heard of girls with him he kissed and made out with weekly, when one day he took a liking to a beautiful female mammoth called peaches Ellie and manny teenage daughter and feeling a new sister needed to be added to his growing lovers he invited her over to his cave for a talk and when she saw him while spying from a tree accidentally flatting him when she fall off when she got off him katie megham and steffie emerged and before she could say any thing they started to lick anc kiss her back and neck they than asked her to help them drag Ethan in to the cave for mouth to mouth and despite being confused took steffie thunk while Katie and metham were busy putting Ethan inside the cave and started kissing him on the mouth when he woke he enjoyed it peaches than asked what was going on and why they were acting so weird he simply took hold of her thunk and kissed her on the lips while the others begin licking her body Ethan soon laid her down and licked her pussy and before long girlish giggling and thrusting erupted from the entrance for the rest of the week peaches repeated made excuses went to the cage for more seasons with each their love grew stronger soon Ethan declared they should all run away and live the love life at sea which though peaches wasn't keen to was confined by steffie whom started calling her sister and the following night they fled the valley on some ice and peaches was soon allowed to make out with him alone with moaning and thrusting heard.